Oyster pockets

There is already more than forty years, was born the breedinf of oysters in the pockets.

• Pocket standard withmeshs generally closed at an end by welding of a band of reinforcement.

• Professional always but reinforced mesh rhombuses pockets longitundinal filaments allowing a setting forms some easier for a profit in volume (even system of closing).


• Pockets racks with square meshs being able to by formed in parallelepiped for a maximum of volume and a productivity gain exceeding 10%. Manual closing.

• 100 % virgin matter
• Grid of de 2, 4, 7, 9, 13, 18 et 23 mm
• Opened 550 / 700 and 900 g
• Closed 600 / 750 and 950 g
• Conformed or flat
• Reinforced or not
The proces of conformation  makes it possible to obtain an “inflated“ pocket, avoiding this that the oysters are ponched along the welding: the best means of optimizing all the surface of the pocket.