HANDLING, Shellfish farming, fishing and fish trade




• Food plastic container
• A range from 250 to 760 liters
full or openwork
version with studs or soles

• Oyster dredging
• Storage of shell and shellfish :
Equipment crustacean fish ponds
Equipment fish ponds winkles
Vats fishing nets
• Water reserve and filter

Your trade is ours...


Plastic pallets food
Dimensions 800x1200
Dimensions 1000x1200
Versions with studs or soles
Floor full or openwork
500 to 1500 kg of load

With each use, an adapted product...


• A whole range of grating for the plasticized vehicles, the cabins and bridges of boats, building sites and work station

Safety and comfort...

Storage vats

comfort of the shells ... and the user...

Better oxygenation

Conceived and realized with the most modern tools, this vat is designed to store 15 oyster kgs under the best conditions of oxygenation.

Better handling

Gerbable and encasable basket with vacuum, made out of polyethylene high density of food quality..

Its palletizable dimensions (600x500) allow their use pallets standards (1000x1200) and an easy and optimum loading in the trucks.

Better choice

Available in many colours, blue in standard but also yellow, red, gray, black...

A handle of color facilitates the location and the stacking. This handle, available in various colour, affors the possibility of a marketing personalized in the mass.

Hollow baskets
Flexible white or of colors
The narrow fund for best eptying
and a better assembly.

Basket punts
Special for setting into clear and basins

Small cages
full or openwork encasable EG 38 gerbalbes

Océane baskets
Broad funds for the best stability.
Standard colours :
brown red and dark green

Small cages
AE 135 600 / 400 / 155
AE 170 600 / 400 / 190
encasable gerbables

Small cages 1567
encasable gerbables
for handling and them slack.

White vats of slack
2, 3, 5, 8 and 10 l .


Baskets ground
colors wiht the choice


... and the fish

Vats of shouted - ALLIBERT
Ref. 12030 & 11060


Fish baskets


...ideal for the trunk of a car

Vats 125l. - ALLIBERT
Ref. 21135

Charente-native Portoirs 75 l. / Body of dustbin 75 l.