Long lines ropes

Ropes and hawsers all diameters in 3,4 and 8 strands

Possibility of splices


Ropes small diameters in 2,3 and 4 anti-U.V treated strands specific to the shellfish farming.

Hawser 44 mm3 strands

especially conceived for the dies of sub pre-stretched and stabilized surface



Great choice of braid and rope

all diameters in 8 bits and 16 bits, with or without heart,
matched colours.

PP rope 3 strands

on reel…
or in rollers of 200 meters,
diameter 10 with the diameter 24.

Polypro rope 3 strands

Anti-UV treatment
diameter 4,5,6,7 and 8 mm, (Specific to the oyster breeding in the Mediterranean).



• Loops or thimbles on all diameters in 3,4 and 8 strands