Market material

Parasol :

3.00/2.00 m
3.00/2.50 m
3.50/2.50 m

- Different colours
- Option : flat foot
- Adjustable height

Cover: neutral or printed
(on request)

Fast assembly
Different colours 

• Plate stall polyester on honeycomb resisting and light (12 kg)
2.04 m/0.94 m
Food white surface
European standard
With evacuation of water
and edge obstinate

Bags bundles : 0,5 - 1 - 2 Kgs

30/35 23/31 17/22

High and low densities

Shovels with shells

Strap bags
All sizes according to your needs

Personalized bags

Promote your products ...

- For your shells and seafood - Sales to be carried
- Tasting
- restoration
- Fairs and animations

A large variety of plates food polystyrene of quality

• Round plates
• Oval plates
• Boats with veils
• Plates tasting
• Baskets wicker

Various sizes and colors available

Great choice of headings

For special request
realization on order

• Adapter Euro
• Labels grips price in Frs and Euro

Pour ouvrir vos huîtres...

To open your oysters…
• Knives handyman
• Lancets sleeve possible ABS Personalization (your publicity)

• Lancets sleeve riveted ABS
or purple wood

• Birambeau knives